About Me

Don Sutton Profile PictureI, Don Sutton, have had a long and varied career in engineering, spanning four different countries. I began my apprenticeship in New Zealand at Paeroa Motors in 1965 and quickly realized my passion for the inner workings of automobiles. I was particularly interested in designing components for the automotive industry.

I then moved to the United States where I studied at Paeroa College before accepting a job as an engineer with Bendix/Kirby/TRW/Tristar. My work involved designing brake pads, power steering pumps, and fuel injectors.

I was particularly interested in fuel injectors, and my designs were used in a wide range of vehicles. I remember the day when I was working on the design of a fuel injector that could withstand extreme temperatures. It was a major breakthrough in the industry, and it was a proud moment for me when it was implemented in the production of cars.

During my time at Bendix/Kirby/TRW/Tristar, I had the opportunity to work with a team of highly skilled engineers. One incident that I always remember was when we were working on a project to improve the fuel efficiency of a popular car model.

We were testing different designs and I had an idea to use a different type of metal in the injectors. My colleagues were skeptical but I insisted on trying it. To our surprise, it worked and the car had a significant improvement in fuel efficiency.

I spent over thirty years as an automotive engineer, working on some of the most advanced and innovative projects in the industry. My work was always driven by a desire to improve the performance and safety of cars and trucks.

In 2005, I decided to leave automotive design to pursue other interests. Though I retired from engineering, I continued to consult on issues relating to vehicle testing and manufacture when needed.

I also used this time to spend more time with my family, my wife, and two children. I also took up a hobby of sharing my knowledge through the website Rims N Wheels and restoring classic cars with my son who also shares the same interest in automobiles as I do.

Today, I am retired, but I still maintain an interest in all things related to automobiles. I am a respected authority in the field, and my contributions to the industry will be remembered for many years to come.